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entry 019 - 29 icons (nino, jun, ohno, aiba, pairings, gantz - spoilers)

I have a folder called 'tumblr to sort'. Instead of sorting it...I went through it and made icons. OI.

I'm considering the GANTZ icons as "spoilers" as they are screencaps. You've been warned.


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//credit is necessary;
(C&P into the comments section of the icon upload)
//textless icons are NOT bases;
//comments are ♥
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entry 011: layouts - 6 versions "regale" (s2 flexible squares)

My first foray into layouting from scratch!

I've released four versions of this layout so far over at mintyapple, but seeing as I'm required to paste the code directly into a text area there, I've had to space out the releases.

As a "thank you" for watching this community (though I know most of you are here for icons and not layouts) I'm going to release the last two here as well (with text file downloads of the code to keep LJ from screaming at me)

Without further blabber by me:

layout 001: regale

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